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Utley Middle School Art Department
with Emily K. Harris

A little bit about me: I have a B.A. in Art Education from East Central University and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Texas Woman's University. This is my 11th year teaching and my fourth year at Utley. I love art education have a passion for art. Also, I am interested in serving students in other ways as well from a "big picture" point of view. I'm all about the kids! Speaking of kids, I have two "furry babies" of my own: Paisley is a sweet Lhasa Apso dog and Chloe is a big old gray tabby. They are both very spoiled! In my free time I like to shop, make art and spend time with my family.


March 18th

In Art I, we will be exploring the wonderful world of watercolor! We will be learning several techniques of watercolor such as wet on wet, dry brush, salt texture and many more. Once we learn the water color techniques, we will use them to create our own bug and insects! This is such a fun project!

TEKS: 117.35, 7
(1) Four basic strands--perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation--provide broad, unifying structures for organizing the knowledge and skills students are expected to acquire. Students rely on their perceptions of the environment, developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, imagination, and life experiences, as a source for creating artworks. They express their thoughts and ideas creatively, while challenging their imagination, fostering reflective thinking, and developing disciplined effort and problem-solving skills.
(2) By analyzing artistic styles and historical periods students develop respect for the traditions and contributions of diverse cultures. Students respond to and analyze artworks, thus contributing to the development of lifelong skills of making informed judgments and evaluations.

In Art II, we are starting to draw a still life.

We are also starting a new project for a still life. It's called "A piece of Me." Each student will bring something from home to draw (but not an item with high value-sentimental or otherwise) and we will display them together and draw it. They will be using charcoal to draw these items, and I think it will be a lot of fun. Make sure the item is brought by Friday, March 7th.

TEKS 117.35, 8

(8.1) Perception. The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment. The student is expected to:

(A) illustrate ideas from direct observation, imagination, and personal experience and from experiences at school and community events; and

(B) define a variety of concepts directly related to the art elements and principles, using vocabulary accurately.

My schedule for the 2013-2014 school year is:

1st period-Art I

2nd period-Art I

3rd period-Art I

4th period- Conference Period*

*(cheer will meet in my room from 11:15-11:30 for announcements and WOLF TV)

5th period-PACK time

6th period-Art I

7th period-Art II

8th period-Art I

In the event that you need extra tutoring, I am available each Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-8:40 in my classroom.

Feel free to contact me regarding questions or concerns via email at or by phone at 972.771.5281 extension 5300.


Since our art fee goes towards all of our art supplies, it helps so much when parents offer to donate certain items to the art program. We are always in need of the following:

--Paper towels

--Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

--Multisurface cleaner (i.e. Windex etc)

--Glad Press and Seal plastic wrap