Misty Jester

    Welcome to Mrs. Jester's Wiki Page
    I am so excited for this upcoming school year at Amy Parks! You are going to love traveling the world with me!
    My conference times are 7:30 am, Monday-Thursday, if those times do not work please e-mail me to schedule a different time.
    In addition to my Wiki Page I have a Google Site, please refer to my Google Site for more information and materials if you can't find what you are looking for here on my Wiki.
    Thank you!
    Google Site Link:
    What else do you have Mrs. Jester?
    In addition to the web pages, please check out my twitter and feel free to e-mail me with any quesitons.
    Misty.jester@rockwallisd.org or mrsmistyjester@gmail.com
    Phone: 972-772-4300
    For all 6th grade information regarding team grading procdures, etc. visit our team wiki: https://wiki.rockwallisd.org/groups/amyparks_sixth/
    Gradebook-Skyward Link: